Valium: why it is used

It’s no secret that increased pressure can often be caused not by some pathologies of the cardiovascular system, but by elementary stress or anxiety. Especially pressure jumps from nerves and stresses are characteristic for people with a labile nervous system and suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia.

It is also worth noting that in hypertensive crises many patients have panic attacks that aggravate their condition. In this case, without sedatives cannot do. These can be tranquilizers with a quick action, such as diazepam (valium). It is prescribed for severe sleep disorders, with various kinds of mental disorders accompanied by anxiety, also used as a one-time aid to patients experiencing over excitation due to mental disorders. Helps diazepam in depressive states, when alcoholics are taken out of drinking-bout, to calm and remove unpleasant symptoms associated with abstinence from alcoholism.
Valium has the ability not only to calm the mind, but also to relax the muscles. This property is used to help people suffering from epileptic seizures, as well as those who have muscular spasms as a result of trauma or other diseases. Valium together with other preparations use for preparation of the patient to some kinds of inspections, and also for the treatment of an arterial hypertension complicated by nervousness and uneasiness. This effect of taking diazepam is achieved due to the fact that the drug acts directly on the central nervous system. If you take it a course, then in three to four days at night the stomach will start producing less hydrochloric acid. This property is sometimes used in the treatment of ulcers of the stomach and intestines. Very effective in restoring the body after a long drinking-bout. Under the influence of diazepam, the patient calms down, his limbs cease to tremble, he treats the treatment more favorably, visions disappear.

Valium will never prescribe to you if you have glaucoma or are suspected of having it, as well as with respiratory failure, during pregnancy, especially in the first three months, while breastfeeding. In addition, it is not used to treat newborn babies. Valium is very cautiously prescribed to patients with epilepsy, although this drug can help relax the muscles when seizure, but at the beginning of therapy, as well as with sudden withdrawal of the drug, epileptic seizures may intensify. With great care, diazepam should be prescribed to patients with renal and hepatic insufficiency, as well as to patients with mental disabilities.