In the 50 years of the last century, drugs were found that could cure depression. And this became a veritable revolution in psychopharmacology. And for more than half a century these medications have been “authoritative” effective medications for depression. Among people, there is an opinion that pills against depression are harmful and addictive. Doctors say that antidepressants, used today in psychopharmacology, do not cause dependence, regardless of the duration of their admission. Their task is to help the body to restore depressive mechanisms. Drugs from depression can “restore” a broken inner world, broken by an ailment, and return a person to his characteristic activity and vivacity. And one of these drugs is valium (another name – diazepam). This drug is prescribed for the treatment of depression. He is able to alleviate, eliminate and prevent disease. Previously, active drugs with excitation effects were used to treat nervous disorders, which can cause a “melancholic” state of euphoria. Valium is included in the list of necessary medicines compiled by WHO, which defines the minimum set of medicines needed in the health care system. The drug is used, in particular, for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, epileptic seizures, muscle spasms, alcohol dependence. Valium is one of the most effective sedatives. In this case, this tool is allowed to strictly adhere to the goal of a specialist. At the end of therapy, a dose reduction is recommended gradually, otherwise there is a withdrawal syndrome, which manifests itself in excessive excitability, irritability and anxiety. The effectiveness of Valium becomes noticeable one week after initiation of therapy. This is especially true for patients with arrhythmia, paresthesia.

Most patients taking valium under the supervision of doctors, side effects manifest only in the form of dizziness, memory problems or. Aggression does not cause this drug.

Most often, Valium is prescribed to patients with anxious body conditions, dysphoria, sleep disorders, skeletal muscle spasm, severe headaches, tension, spastic conditions associated with disorders of the spinal cord or brain, myositis, arthritis, bursitis, chronic joint disease, arthrosis with stress of skeletal muscle, vertebral syndrome, angina pectoris, withdrawal syndrome.

Diazepam increases the effectiveness of anesthesia. Increases the threshold of sensitivity to pain and has antiarrhythmic effect. Valium is not tolerated by alcohol. Diazepam should not be mixed with other drugs.

And once again we remind you – the application is strictly according to the doctor’s prescription!